Product cost-effective, courteous service, many molds, high credibility, advanced equipment, equipment with national qualification!

Delivery assurance, scientific and perfect management system to ensure that 100% commitment to the shelf life on a regular basis, the amount of delivery goods.

After-sales service, to ensure that all of our products for life to provide after-sales service!

Professional team, the company has a senior professional and technical personnel over, to provide production for the charge Sub-technical support, so that your needs are fully protected!

Production technology, the company has many years of independent research and development experience, strictly based on the ISO quality management system, from design, production to the test have the international production of standardized management system!


        Our professional design, production, sales and export of all kinds of exquisite iron metal packaging products, the company's health care products tin, medicine tin, tea box, wolfberry tin, candy tin, egg rolls, Boxes, red dates tin, biscuits tin, moon cake tin, wine cans and other widely used in health care, medicine, tea, food, cosmetics, agricultural products and other industries. As the product cost-effective, courteous service, many molds, high credibility, advanced equipment, products have been exported to North and South America, Europe, Southeast Asia, more than 20 countries.        

Company advanced equipment, top-notch, strict management to ensure that the needs of customers can be fully realized. Marketing Center has more than 30 domestic and foreign marketing elite......

Quality assurance system


To provide the best quality products to products for the first guarantee, leading the industry first quality

Technical Support


Advanced equipment, the standard of the process of professional attitude, norms and technical definition of professional, industry-leading industry standards

Service system


Focus on the design, development, production and sales in one, to meet customer needs!


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